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For nearly a century, the world’s top musicians have revered the distinctive sound of Hohner accordions. The “Hohner sound,” for which the company’s accordions are famous, originates from the responsive, precisely tuned Hohner reed and the resonant construction of the woodwork. Shortly after the company started manufacturing accordions, this unique sound catapulted the Hohner accordion to the top of the international market, where it continues to be the world’s leading brand.

3522 Corona II Classic
Hohner’s most popular diatonic accordion, the Corona II, has become an official Classic! This accordion gives you the full resonant sound you expect from Hohner, as well as a celluloid covered, wood keyboard, double strap brackets, improved bellows straps, an adjustable bass strap and a set of padded shoulder straps. It comes with its own protective gig bag, at no additional cost.

Treble Keys: 31
Bass/Chord Buttons: 12
Treble Reeds: 2 sets
Key Combinations: EAD, FBbEb, GCF and ADG
NEW! Colors: Jet Black; White Pearl; Red/White/Green Pearl; Blue Pearl; Orange Pearl; Green Pearl; Red Pearl; Light Blue Pearl; Brown Pearl; Yellow Pearl; Fantasy, Purple Pearl and White Tiger.
Weight: 9 lbs.
Size: 7.5" deep by 12" high


Hohner Corona II & III

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